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Having an external professional to audit or review your past or current offering can give you real insight for future planning

Data Preparation & Analysis

Our Tableau & Power BI consultants can help transform your most stubborn databases and spreadsheets into sources for easy investigation in BI Tools.

Dashboard Development

One of the quickest and most effective ways to start generating revenue for a new website. We have a team of certified AdWords expert, who make sales at a budget that suits you.

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Welcome to Reckon Analytics, we are two passionate and relentlessly committed analytics professionals who are highly obsessed with data. We advocate data viz communities to bring best out of the available data for a business. We aim to ease out the complex data science with the help of lucid and interactive dashboards for the novice. We’re confident that once you see what we can score in a short amount of time, you’ll be keen to see what we’re capable of on a data visualisation project.

  • We provide analytics solutions in the jiffy.
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  • Starter
  • € 99 / month
  • Online support and assistance for small enterprise
  • Executive Dashboards
  • €199 / dashboard
  • Design and Development of executive BI dashboards
  • 1:1 BI Counsulting
  • € 499 / hour
  • Custom help to implement BI solutions for your needs


Sort by Year – Week in Power BI

In Power BI, if you are creating year-week sales report, then you will encounter a most common issue. i.e Power BI by default return single digit week number/month number. Default Sorting in Power BI: But desired results is: 2018-12 2018-11 2018-09 2017-01 Using this formula once can fix this problem: Year-Month= Data[a_date].[Year]&”-“&FORMAT(Data[a_date].[MonthNo],”00″) Year-Week= Data[a_date].[Year]&”-“&FORMAT((Data[a_date].[MonthNo],1),”00”)

Credit risk prediction using Artificial Neural Network algorithm

1 Introduction Credit risk or credit default indicates the probability of non-repayment of bank financial services that have been given to the customers. Credit risk has always been an extensively studied area in bank lending decisions. Credit risk plays a crucial role for banks and financial institutions, especially for commercial banks and it is always […]

U.S. Household Income Distribution by State – Makeover Monday – Week 3

This week we are Visualizing Household Income Distribution in the U.S. by State Data Source: data.world

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